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Style 1:
Opt for this curly long hairstyle, though you need to have thick long hair just like the girl in the picture above. This style looks good on girls with oval / round faces. If you have less hair on the front, you can wear a curly bang which looks like your natural hair. As you can see, the curls are more detailed at the bottom, leaving the top part well layered and straight.
Style 2:
She’s pretty and smart, I like the way she styled her short curly hair. I guess she added some color tint in her hair because it has a black and brown color tone. However, the hair is too short, but its style complements her round face. So if you have a similar face, you can try out this short black curly hairstyle.
Remember to trim this short hair once after 3 weeks, this will encourage the hair to grow and become thick. You can also spray your short curly hair every morning, this will keep it wet andmoisturized. To keep the curls in short hair for a longer period, you need to brush it when its dry with a big comb.
Style 3:
Wow, she looks pretty and lovely. She has a natural curly hairstyle, so all they need to do is to curl the hair in any style she wants, the front bangs seems to be natural. The bang covers her forehead and her curled short hair falls on the sides, creating enough space for her round face.  However, this style of curly hair is good on kids, if you’re an adult and you want to have this style, you will need to side the front bang.
Style 4:
This is a long black curled hairstyle which is separated from the center of the head. It has a loose draping style which makes the chic look fashionable. To curl this thick long hair, you will need a big curling iron barrel. You might need some help when it comes to segmenting your long hair. If you have a round face like this chic, you might also consider keeping your hair away from the fore head or face.
Style 5:
Looks messy and loose, this long curly hair looks good on girls with oval faces, the Updo can be curled and pinned on the top, run your fingers through the curls to make them relaxed and messy. You might need a curled bang for the front part just like the chic in the image above.  If your child has no natural thick long hair, you can opt for a synthetic weave with curls.
Style 6:
Many young girls will prefer short curled hair to long curled hairstyle, simply because short hair is very easy to maintain and has less work compared to long curled hair. To get a good effect with this style, you need to trim you hair appropriately, then wash it with shampoo, use a blower to dry the hair, and then use a medium barrel curling iron to make this cute short curly hairstyle.
Style 7:
Curly-Short-Hairstyle-For-a-Young-GirlThis style is too simple and easy to style, babies need that extra attention when it comes to styling their soft curly hair. If you want your baby to have a thick curly hairstyle, you need to trim their hair so that it grows fast. Babies have a very soft skin so avoid strong hair products.  When it comes to curling their hair, please use natural curling methods, because heat from a hot curling iron can damage their soft hair.

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