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Truth be told

Truth be told, I’ve never given much thought to running wear — as long as it’s wicking and doesn’t look hideous, it’s good by me. But recently I took Running Room’s Morning Glory Skort for a spin. Pre-run, the extremely secure key pocket was the biggest selling point for me; post-running, oh, the ventilation! The skort looks fun, fastens securely at the waist thanks to both elastic and strong waistband and has built-in compression shorts, that feel secure but not restrictive. On occasion, the shorts do ride up, and if you’ve got big quads this may be a reason to opt for shorts over skort, but they are easily put back into place. I paired the skort with a fitted Hurricane Tee, which felt a bit weighty in my hand but not so once it was on. Flat seams, a scoop neck and loose cuffs made for a comfortable run. And it did a great job absorbing sweat, making it a staple in my running wear rotation.
• $44.99 each for skort and top. For more details on these pieces and other running gear, visit shop.runningroom.com.

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