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Ben Kaplan, National Post

Ryan Gosling’s ladies man is teaching Steve Carell’s geeky divorcee how to dress in the new film Crazy, Stupid, Love. and says something like, “Unless you’re Steve Jobs, there’s no reason you should ever be wearing New Balance sneakers.” It’s a funny line, and gets laughs in the film, but I think maybe someone should’ve shown Gosling’s character the grey and yellow New Balance MR890s. These shoes are sleek and subtle and keep the florescent colours to a bare minimum, while also applying the right amount of pizzazz. Good for both running short distances (the sneakers are minimalist, which means they have low soles and heels) and stepping out after work with friends, the MR890s are light and supple, and always struck me as the sneakers Tom Ford would design if he made a running shoe. Crazy, Stupid, Love. is a terrific new film. But I’d still rather take my fashion cues from Pippa Middleton, who’s been photographed a bunch of times around London in her New Balance sneakers. For more on these shoes and other running gear, visit shop.runningroom.com.

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